Posted on Apr 15, 2014 in News

So here I am blogging away - day 2.

Funny how the move, which was pretty chaotic, is now settling down into a really nice place to work! We had our friend Ruxtin (super sweet doggy) in yesterday and he was delighted that everyone was giving him cookies; so much so that Michael had to secure Ruxtin so he wouldn't go and chase the ever elusive cookie!

And eventually, Gil and Colin will have the entire Shop Area ready so we do not have to dig around through 40+ years of stuff!!! An organized world is a good world!

The new ShakeAlarm™ is up and running at our new facility down by the river - tirelessly looking for the precursor P-Wave that arrives before the earthquake does; this gives us time to escape the building prior to the earthquake shaking our fillings out. Other areas we are developing markets for our Earthquake Early Warning Systems are Alaska, Oregon, California and Puerto Rico - we will have more on this later.

Carpentry continues with the new reception area just about finished - many thanks to Perry for this!

And seeing it is only Tuesday, I'll save a bit more for later in the week.




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