6.7 magnitude quake recorded on the NW corner of Vancouver Island...

Posted on Apr 24, 2014 in News

Hey everyone!

Just to let everyone know, our Earthquake Early Warning systems deployed throughout Vancouver captured last nights event!

Our system at the George Massey Tunnel captured the seismic data, but did not shut down the tunnel because there was not enough energy to meet the acceleration requirements of the Shake Alarm in order for the Shake Alarm to shut the tunnel down - no damage done!

It does bring to mind one question: Are we really ready for the Big One?

And blow we have a little more info and the plots on the quake! If it was a danger to us, we would have had 35 seconds warning, to close gates, leave buildings, shut down gas and electricty - lets hear it for technology!



Location of the quake: 49.846 N 127.444 W depth=11.4 km

Magnitude: 6.6

Local time at the epicenter: 20:10:12, April 24, 2014


Time of P-wave arrival at GMT: 20:11:15

P-S time difference: ~35 s

Epicentral distance: ~325 km



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