Posted on Jun 27, 2014 in News

Friday, here now and again in a week.

This Friday is of particular interest to us here in Canada, it represents the beginning to our weekend. On Monday, we will have another Friday because Tuesday is our National Holiday, 'Canada Day'.

This is closely followed by the American Independence Day Celebrations on Friday the 4th of July, but in fact, Thursday will act as another Friday for the Americans.

Now, a quick jump across the Pacific and into Hong Kong reveals that Monday is in fact a Friday for them, since Tuesday is Establishment Day in Hong Kong. I wonder if they treat Tuesday as a Sunday.

Coming back to North America we gain a day - in which case, I would think you would want to travel on a Friday and arrive on a Friday - double Friday. Nice, especially if you can survive the jet lag associated with living 48 hours in a single day.

Now on Saturday it is the first day of Ramadan. Now we in North America see a Saturday, but I am curious if Muslims see this as a relaxing type of day, especially since no one is eating during daylight hours.

I think the point I am trying to make is that everyone sees the end of the week in different ways; we just want you to make it back next week, healthy and ready to move into another week - albeit much less confusing than this one has been.

However your Friday works, have fun, it`s the weekend!




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