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'Tis the season to go boating...

Posted on Jul 15, 2014 in News

Hello all!

We are very fortunate that at our new facility, we are right on the river. I don't mean this as we are 'close', I mean that 50' from our front door, there is the Fraser River.

We are exposed to all kinds of river traffic - barges, fishing vessels, all kinds of tugs; and more recently, personal watercraft and some very impressive motor yachts. This type of traffic (particularly when it gets warmer here in the otherwise 'arctic' west coast...) is a real delight to see on the water - it makes one want to go to it...

We are busily working away with the development of ADIS v. 7 - which is a draft system like no other. I know this because I have been researching the competition a fair bit lately, and although their products are interesting, they do not come close to us in reliability, ease of installation or features.

Now what we really would like to do is set up a berth and have vessels and barges brought to our front door for servicing of ADIS!

About a year ago, a containership, the MOL Comfort, broke in two and sank in the Indian Ocean. The theory of the structural failure seems to be revolving around the idea that the vessel was in fact overloaded prior to its departure, and as a result in rough seas, the vessel broke in two, spent a week at the surface, then sank.

ADIS would have identified the 'sagging' of the hull prior to departure, had the vessel been so equipped. In a six sensor system, such as the one we use for container type vessels, (and barges and platforms), we are able to provide enough measurement resolution that we can accurately control load down to the last pound - something no other draft system on the planet can do - and something that we are finding operators are more and more interested in.

ADIS 7 is an evolution - and evolution in safety, communications and reliability; all key factors in the continued operations of large vessels.



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Being sustainable

Posted on Jun 19, 2014 in News

Hello All!

There is a lot of chat lately about 'being sustainable'; allow me to give you our take on this.

A number of our solutions where the RCF(TM) logo, as seen below. We spent a lot of time developing this mark, and allow me to give a definition here:

'A Reduced Carbon Footprint vessel/vehicle or system is one that has been re-engineered from it's original form to perform more efficiently and have less environmental impact than it did when it originally went into service'.

So with our ADIS (Automatic Draft Indicator System) equipped vessels, any vessel so equipped with ADIS, ADIS can be used to optimize trim, thereby reducing fuel burn; under the RCF(TM) definition, this ADIS equipped vessel is qualified as a 'Reduced Carbon Footprint Vessel'.

Most sustainable; very cutting edge.

Here at Weir-Jones strive to make every one of our systems qualify for a RCF designation.

We understand that you will only ever reach a sustainable plateau, if you do the footwork to get there - like anything in life, if you don't put the time in, don't be surprised as the world passes you by.



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