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2014 Seismological Society of America

Posted on Apr 29, 2014 in News

Hello everyone!

Lincoln has just gone up to Alaska to man a booth at the SSA’s 2014 Annual Meeting, Iain will be joining him tomorrow; it should prove to be a good show - our accelerometer production is back into full swing and we are eager to expose everyone to our top of the line instrumentation packages! And recorders... and most importantly, our Radiation Hardened Enclosures for use in the Nuclear Industry. Very trick stuff.

Taken from their website:

SSA’s 2014 Annual Meeting will provide a stimulating exchange of research on a wide range of topics with colleagues from all over the world. Oral presentations, poster sessions, exhibits, field trips, business meetings and social gatherings all provide participants the opportunity to meet and share with their peers.

That sounds pretty exciting - all this brain power in one place!


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