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Being sustainable

Posted on Jun 19, 2014 in News

Hello All!

There is a lot of chat lately about 'being sustainable'; allow me to give you our take on this.

A number of our solutions where the RCF(TM) logo, as seen below. We spent a lot of time developing this mark, and allow me to give a definition here:

'A Reduced Carbon Footprint vessel/vehicle or system is one that has been re-engineered from it's original form to perform more efficiently and have less environmental impact than it did when it originally went into service'.

So with our ADIS (Automatic Draft Indicator System) equipped vessels, any vessel so equipped with ADIS, ADIS can be used to optimize trim, thereby reducing fuel burn; under the RCF(TM) definition, this ADIS equipped vessel is qualified as a 'Reduced Carbon Footprint Vessel'.

Most sustainable; very cutting edge.

Here at Weir-Jones strive to make every one of our systems qualify for a RCF designation.

We understand that you will only ever reach a sustainable plateau, if you do the footwork to get there - like anything in life, if you don't put the time in, don't be surprised as the world passes you by.



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