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με (Micro Epsilon)

Digital Transducer Readout

The με350II Digital Readout is a pocket-sized water-resistant digital strain indicator which is designed as a low cost, portable direct strain instrument. It may be used with strain gauges or bridge transducers of any type and any connection configuration such as full, half or quarter. It features a wide temperature operating range, -20ºC - 40ºC, internal shunt calibration, built-in bridge completion resistors and a full ±20,000με range.

Connections are made through a MIL-C 10 pin bayonet connector for fixed strain gauge installations or by an optional custom cable to be specified by the end user. The με350II has a long operating life from its four internal AA batteries which supply both internal power and a regulated bridge excitation. This unit is equipped with a minimum of external controls, but there are internal provisions for adjusting gauge factor, balance control and range, bridge shunt and gauge trim.

  • Compact Handheld Instrument
  • 4 ½ Digit LCD Display
  • Full, ½, ¼ Bridge Support
  • Internal Completion Resistors
  • Shunt Calibration Function
  • ±20,000με Range
  • Internal Control for Balance and Gauge Factor and Gain
  • Wide Temperature Range
  • Long Battery Life


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