Weir-Jones Group



The Weir-Jones Group designs, builds, and installs hull condition and motion monitoring systems for a variety of vessels and offshore structures. A wide range of data display and storage options are available for these systems to meet or exceed the requirements of various classification societies, such as the DNV Rules for Classification of High Speed and Light Craft, Lloyds, ABS, Guide for hull Condition Monitoring Systems, etc.

HMON™ provides statistical monitoring and storage of the global wave induced forces on the vessel. The purpose of this data is general design verification, and it is collected during trials and while the vessel is in regular service. The system is also capable of displaying general operating information, which is required by the vessel’s Master on a continuous basis e.g. wave height information, vertical accelerations, and bending strains.

These systems can be supplied, which comply with the classification society requirements of the following areas:

  • Hull Girder Stress
  • Local Load Monitoring
  • Green Seas Warning
  • Ship motion
  • Slam Warning
  • Fatigue Monitoring

Alternatively, the systems can be deployed on a routine basis where they are continuously displaying and recording general operating information required by the vessel’s owners, insurers, or regulators. The systems have both commercial and defense related applications.