Automatic Draught Indicator

    Weir-Jones Engineering offers an innovative method for vessel draught measurement by accurately defining the position of the water plane in real- time. This is a truly non-invasive draught measurement technology, and is known as Automated Draught Indicator System, or ADIS™.


  • AGS™
    Automated Grease Dispensing System

    The Weir-Jones Group new Automated Grease System is a user configurable dispensing unit capable of supplying bearing and sealing greases to submerged pumps at pressures of up to 300 Bar, and down line lengths of 200 feet. These units are designed to manage dispense frequency and start / stop timing internally.


  • Microseismic
    Passive Microseismic Monitoring

    The Weir-Jones Group has supplied hundreds of Permanent Passive Microseismic (PPM) and acoustic emission monitoring solutions to the oil and gas, mining and heavy construction industries. 


  • RockFall™
    Seismic Rockfall Detection System

    Weir-Jones Engineering Consultants has developed the Seismic “Rockfall™” Detection System (SRFDS) which is an evolutionary alternative to traditional slide fence technology. This revolutionary system relies upon acoustic signature recognition to determine if and when rocks or other hazardous debris fall onto the right of way.


  • ShakeAlarm®
    Earthquake Early Warning System

    ShakeAlarm® is a cost-effective, highly reliable Earthquake Early Warning System (EEWS) which provides critical minutes or seconds of warning in order to minimize loss of life and assets. This is done by recognizing and quantifying the faster, but lower energy, P (compressive) wave which is the precursor of the more damaging S (shear) wave.


  • ShakeMonitor™
    Structural Integrity Monitoring Solution

    The Weir-Jones Group’s ShakeMonitor™ is a system which automatically computes natural frequencies of structures and then analyses real-time monitoring data to identify any anomalous movement which may arise from seismic or other significant disturbances. 



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